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Welcome to Parkour Ireland!

Parkour is the physical practice of traversing obstacles to move from one point to another as quickly and efficiently as possible.
This website brings all practitioners of Parkour (Traceurs) in Ireland together and allows them to share advice, organise meetups, write blogs and upload media.

Flips and other "tricks" are not part of Parkour as they are just for show, rather than speed and efficiency.
If you are interested in tricks, you should check out Tricking, see Tricking Ireland.

For more info, please see our About page.


Featured Video

Saturday & Sunday

By: Daza

Jump Derry

"Easter 2005, Derry City. Itís raining. Janie, champion Irish dancer, has a new boyfriend, Martin, but he has a hobby. Jumping and flipping his way round Derry, he shows Janie that sometimes walking down the street isnít the best way to go to sort out your life and its problems. Janieís mum, Marianne, desperately wanting to heal enormous scars from the Troubles, also watches Martin and takes her own route through the city to find some sort of healing and comfort.

This is a heart-breaking novel of love, youth, pain, homework and emo fashion. It's also a novel about healing Northern Ireland's problems. And it's also a novel about parkour."

Jump Derry is a novel written by Christine Donovan which is scheduled for release for Easter 2010. Christine has worked personally with members of this site in order to complete her work and we all look forward to its release!


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