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  1. Do not spam or make off-topic posts on the board that don't contribute to the discussion.
  2. Do not hi-jack threads (post unrelated questions in other peoples' threads). Make your own.
  3. Do not bump threads (post in a thread that's really far down) unless you have something extremely important to add.
  4. Do not flame or troll (insult or start fights with other people here).
  5. Do not act like a moderator.
  6. Type properly:
    • Do not use txt tlk (u, ur, y, in place of words such as you, you're, why).
    • Do not type in ALL CAPS (or start every word with a capital letter, it just makes you look stupid).
    • Please use punctuation (. ,) where necessary, it makes your posts easier to read.
  7. Avoid excessive aggressive swearing.
  8. Do not reregister. Alternate accounts will be banned.
  9. Do not post pornography, ban on the spot.
  10. Do not post illegal or illegitimately-obtained software.
  11. Do not stick around if you hate this place.
If you break these rules, you will be issued a warning. If you continue to break the rules, you may be banned.


What is a moderator / administator?
How do I change my username?
How do I get a user picture?
What do the different username colours mean?
How do I format text?
What are all the emoticons?
What is a Header and Signature / How do I make a post layout?
What are the post layout regulations?

What is a moderator / administator?

Moderator: Someone who has been chosen to keep the forums clean, by removing spam, enforcing the rules, and other tasks to improve your posting experience. There are two types of moderator. A Local Moderator is assigned a specific forum to moderate, and a Full Moderator moderates all of the forums.

Administrator: Someone who manages everything on the whole site, from everything a moderator can do, to editing users, to editing the board's configuration.

If you have a problem, you should contact an administrator or moderator.

Please do not ask to become one.

How do I change my username?

Ask an administator to change it for you with the name you want. Do not reregister.

How do I get a user picture?

Upload an image to your gallery, and go into the image and click Set Avatar.

What do the different username colours mean?

They depend on the gender you set in your profile, and which group you're in:

Users, Male Users, Female Users, Unspecified
Content Moderators, Male Content Moderators, Female Content Moderators, Unspecified
Board Moderators, Male Board Moderators, Female Board Moderators, Unspecified
Full Moderators, Male Full Moderators, Female Full Moderators, Unspecified
Administrators, Male Administrators, Female Administrators, Unspecified
Programmers, Male Programmers, Female Programmers, Unspecified
Banned, Male Banned, Female Banned, Unspecified
PR Team, Male PR Team, Female PR Team, Unspecified

Some others may be custom. You can set a custom one by going to Edit Profile.

How do I format text?

BBCode is available for you to use.

[b]text[/b] - text
[i]text[/i] - text
[u]text[/u] - text
[s]text[/s] - text

[url]http://www.google.com[/url] - http://www.google.com
[url=http://www.google.com]Google[/url] - Google

[img]http://www.pkire.com/images/smilies/smile.gif[/img] -
Note: You can also make an image appear by uploading the image to your gallery, and copying the code from its BBCode box into your post.

[red]text[/color] - text
[orange]text[/color] - text
[yellow]text[/color] - text
[green]text[/color] - text
[blue]text[/color] - text
[pink]text[/color] - text
[black]text[/color] - text
[white]text[/color] - text

[spoiler]text[/spoiler] -

[quote]text[/quote] -


[quote=username]text[/quote] -
Originally posted by username


What are all the emoticons?


What is a Header and Signature / How do I make a post layout?

In Edit Profile, you will see the option for Header and Signature. These are used to make a post layout.

Signature: Whatever you put here will appear at the end of every one of your posts. Usually used for a line or or two (maximum three), and maybe a small image.
If you have a signature, it will be separated from your post with dashes (---). If for whatever reason you don't want those dashes to appear, start your signature with "<nosep>".

Header: This is not for plain text. This is used for giving your posts a unique look, by adding code which will give it a set font style or background colour. You may use HTML, CSS, or even the BBCode.

What are the post layout regulations?

No plain text in your header. This used used for HTML or CSS code for adding a style to your posts.
No large images in your signature.
Please keep your signature short; it should only be three lines long at most.

If your post layout breaks these rules, it may be removed by a moderator.

If you have any further questions, please contact Pac.


Some Emoticons - Acmlmboard
Some Schemes - Acmlmboard
Design Inspiration - Acmlmboard
All else - Pac

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